Benjamin Danielson, MD

Founding Co-Director
WA Medical-Legal Partnership

Medical Director
Odessa Brown Children's Clinic

Benjamin Danielson was in the foster care system as a young child. He spent most of his childhood in a low-income neighborhood of Washington DC, and finished high school in rural Montana. Along with two sisters, he was raised by an amazing single mom who instilled in him an appreciation for the value of education and a desire to be a contributing member of the community.

In college he decided being a doctor was a good melding of scientific and human service interests. After finishing his undergraduate studies in Boston, Dr. Danielson’s medical education, residency and career have all been spent in Seattle. Upon completing residency, he initially combined a number of professional activities: attending pediatrician at Harborview Medical Center, community pediatrician in a new clinic in West Seattle, directing a teen clinic at Cleveland High School, running a community pediatric sports medicine clinic, and attending physician stints at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Dr. Danielson then became the Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic’s medical director in 1999.

As the inaugural Sinegal Endowed Chair since 2005, he tries to uphold the clinic’s enduring tradition of growing wellness through quality care with dignity, community engagement, honoring culture and sustaining trust.

As MLP co-director, he advocates for the integration of MLP services into healthcare settings.

He also continues to regularly attend on the inpatient service at Seattle Children’s Hospital, working mostly with the most medically complex hospitalized children. Dr. Danielson also continues to participate in community advocacy and health promotion. He serves on the state’s health benefit exchange, the state’s commission on African American health affairs, King County’s board of health, various boards of philanthropic organizations, and community groups dedicated to health issues.

Dr. Danielson believes that an opportunity to serve an individual or a community is a cherished privilege. He also ascribes to the truism that health is more than healthcare, and that any healthcare provider who strives to improve health must be active beyond the realm of their medical practice.