Justice for All

Spring 2016 Connection Magazine The Washington Medical-Legal Partnership fights for families who are entitled to services and benefits that improve their children's health.

PBS NewsHour (9/2/2015)

What happens a little boy can’t return home to recover after a medical procedure because the house he lives in has cockroaches that threaten his recovery? His doctor calls a lawyer.

This PBS NewsHour tells the story of how Nebraska Medicine partners with Legal Aid of Nebraska and Iowa Legal Aid to tackle health-harming social conditions like this in order to improve patient outcomes and the hospital’s bottom line.

Updated Legal Templates Available Now (2015)

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2015 system-wide advocacy

UPDATE 1/25/2015: Judge orders the state to provide at least 16 hours a day of private nursing care. Read More.

In early October, MLP attorney, Scott Crain, sued the State of Washington's Health Care Authority on behalf of five children who need skilled nursing care to live safely in the community. This case in on-going. Read more in two recently published articles: The News Tribune (10/11/2015) and The Seattle PI (10/14/2015)

2014 system-wide advocacy

In 2014, MLP’s advocacy with the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) resulted in their issuing guidance to all states that ABA therapy is required to be covered if medically necessary.  

Law 360: How pro bono brought healthcare & law together in Seattle

Partners at Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, Seattle Children’s Hospital and the Northwest Justice Project describe the challenges of starting WA Medical-Legal Partnership, the first medical-legal partnership in Washington state, in an article on Law360.com.

New Medical-Legal Partnership Focuses on Families

In 2009, University of Washington's Marsha Rule highlighted the WA Medical-Legal Partnership with a concise overview of what MLP set out to do at its conception here in Washington.

WA Medical-Legal Partnership Report Released

Learn about the extraordinary impact the WA Medical-Legal Partnership has had on vulnerable populations as well as the many benefits medical providers experience when partnered with WA Medical-Legal Partnership in the latest report. 

When Lawyers are Welcomed in the Doctors' Offices

Crosscut.com profiles WA Medical-Legal Partnership's services and describes our funding needs.