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Vora Savengseuksa, MPA

Program Coordinator
Medical-Legal Partnership

Vora Savengseuksa, MPA, the program coordinator for the WA Medical-Legal Partnership, is responsible for all aspects of program management and development. She is deeply committed to equity in health and human services and has spent the last decade working with under served communities in the US and internationally. As a former congressional fellow with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, she has also worked with PATH, Seattle Human Services Department, Asian Counseling & Referral Service, and Pencils of Promise.

During her graduate studies at the University of Washington, Vora was awarded the Evans Fellowship for Excellence in Public Service, Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowship, and the Hubert G. Locke Small Steps Diversity Award. She also attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she earned her BS in Nutritional Sciences. Vora has one darling toddler niece, is bilingual in Lao and English, and enjoys funk music.